John Wesley Honors College

Research Opportunities in the JWHC

Research is fun. No really. Let us tell you why by explaining the research opportunities within the Honors College. Some of these opportunities include:

Research Tutorials

We believe in learning by experience. In order to learn how to do your own research, you will have opportunities to partner with professors in their research. This can be exciting for both you and your professor because you get to go in depth into a unique topic, while your professor gets to tell you about his or her very favorite things. Tutorials take place in a classroom setting, but can lead to more research opportunities with professors outside of class. You will need to take at least one tutorial, but if you want to take more…hey, we’re not going to stop you.

COS 2013

Honors Scholarship Projects

In your last years in the program, you will get to choose your own project to research. We will help match you with professors who share your interests and can act as mentors for your project. This project can be a lot of fun because you get to shape your work. Will you use other people’s data to reach a new conclusion or generate new data? No matter what your major, the scholarship project should be as useful to your future career as it is exciting. Students have published their projects, given professional presentations at conferences, and exhibited them in art galleries. We love watching the results of our students’ work spread!

We asked some of our graduates about the benefits they continue to experience from their projects as post-grads. Paige Dunn, Class of 2012, who now works as a nurse, said she enjoyed the project because she was able to teach other people in her field through her research. One opportunity for sharing her research involved presenting her project at an international nursing conference.  Her project also came up during a job interview. Her confident answers to her interviewer’s intrigued questions helped win her the job.

Natalie Wierenga, Class of 2013, had the opportunity to work with Dr. Bressler and two other students for her scholarship project. Their goal was to prove that J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is a Christian work by studying the passive voice sentences in the text. When they had compiled their findings, the group took their research to England and presented what they had found for the International Tolkien Society. Through working with Dr. Bressler and her other two teammates, Natalie learned how her Christianity should affect the way she researches. Natalie said, “God used those three people in my life to challenge and encourage me, and it has been an honor to know and work with them.“ Through an encouraging community, faculty mentorship, and unique opportunities, the Honors Scholarship Project will make a lasting, positive impact on your spiritual and intellectual development.

Celebration of Scholarship

This event, which is hosted every spring by the JWHC, will provide you with an opportunity to talk about your completed project and perhaps also display a poster with your new findings to IWU. You will present your final project to your professors and peers while they celebrate with you. Our video of your presentation goes on file for our records. We like to pull it out when we start missing you.

Your new professors and fellow students can’t wait to explore God’s world with you!

by Ren Martin, John Wesley Scholar, Class of 2014