John Wesley Honors College

New Student Orientation – What It’s All About

When you heard that you’d be coming to campus a week earlier than everyone else to participate in something called “New Student Orientation” (NSO, for short), you more than likely asked a question along the lines of, “What are we going to do for an entire week?” I’m here to answer that question!

nso commons

When you first move in during NSO, you’ll check in and get the chance to receive tons of free stuff!

For a little reference, in the past, Indiana Wesleyan has hosted an NSO Weekend, but this year will be the first time we are holding an NSO Week. Almost no other private universities hold an entire week of activities, but we are excited to start on this new journey with you all! When we only had a weekend, almost every waking moment was packed with a group or camp-style activity, leading to freshmen heading straight into school that next Monday as exhausted as could be. This wasn’t fair to students in the past, and to fix that, we’ve switched to a week-long structure.

What you’ll experience during NSO Week is a typical college week, complete with a schedule of where to attend workshops and discussions, when to go to chapel, and when you’ll have free time and social activities. You’ll have the company of your entire Honors First Year Experience (FYE) classmates for these events, and hopefully you will have the opportunity to make some lasting bonds with those individuals. Every session has value, whether that’s for building friendships or helping answer your questions or preparing you for success in your first semester.

nso mallway

Hundreds of freshmen just like you will be on campus, all excited and nervous and confused! Instead of sweating whether or not you’ll fit in, just go with the flow and enjoy yourself!

What we hope you glean from the experience of NSO Week isn’t just how to navigate campus or utilize the Baldwin lunchroom without getting too overwhelmed; we also desire you to understand how much we value your decision to come to IWU. We want you to know we support you in all your God-given pursuits. Particularly in the JWHC, we think you’ll soon discover both the beauty of our community and the depths of insight academics offer not only to further you in life, but to connect you more deeply with our Lord.

We can’t wait to see you and begin getting to know more about you! And make sure you look forward to the end of NSO Week when we have the McConn Show – a freshman-only event that is one of the highlights of our planning! Who knows, you might even make it out with a nice prize given away by one of the hosts, which would make heading into classes all the more enjoyable!

You’ll also want to be sure to have your parents and others who are helping you move in plan to join us for a welcome picnic on Saturday, August 23, at 5:00 pm. The JWHC faculty has reserved the Great Room in College Wesleyan Church, on the corner of Washington and 38th Street, just for our incoming class and their families. And the following Saturday upperclass JWHC students will host our annual pancake dinner — an Honors College tradition and just one of many ways we show love by feeding you!

Author – Phil Ross, John Wesley Scholar, Class of 2015