John Wesley Honors College

Meet the JWHC Student Staff!

We love our student workers! Our Admissions Assistants, Ambassadors, Finance Managers, and the Communications Team keep the office busy and full of energy. Get to know a little about our student staff; they can’t wait to meet you!


Tinch, Allison2Allison Tinch (Ambassador Team Leader)

Major: Intercultural Studies with a History minor

Favorite JWHC Class: What is the Good Life?

Favorite Dessert? Chocolate Covered Strawberries



Carraher, BeckyRebecca Carraher

Major: Nursing

Favorite JWHC Class: Who is our Neighbor? (The garden in the picture was inspired by my good friend Wendel Berry, whom I was introduced to in this course)

Favorite Dessert? Homeade Chocolate Chip Cookies :)



Dunbar, KristenKristen Dunbar

Major: Psychology

Favorite JWHC Class: What is Truth?

Favorite Dessert: Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream



McIntosh, JessicaJessica McIntosh

Major: Applied Music

Favorite JWHC ClassServant Leadership in Redemptive Communities

Favorite Dessert: Blackberry Pie



Munger, StephanieStephanie Munger

Major: Math Education

Favorite JWHC Class: What is Beauty? taught by Dr. Ream

Favorite Dessert: Reese’s cup sundae (ice cream, Reese’s cups, hot fudge, and peanut butter) or cherry pie…it’s a tie between those two.



Murray, Janice2Janice Murray

Major: English Education and Writing

Favorite JWHC Class: I’ve never been good with choosing a favorite anything, but I really enjoyed Dr. Toland’s Wisdom, Culture, and Justice Through the Ages class. It was great to finally study ancient events that I’d only previously learned about in bits and pieces, and she was a great prof.

Favorite Dessert: (see above about favorites) I just discovered that, despite past experience, I actually do like some milkshakes. I’m not sure I’d say it’s my favorite dessert, but the one I’ve been craving most often lately is the Double Chocolate Fudge shake from Steak and Shake (minus whipped cream).



Shinkle, Ilana (FB)Ilana Shinkle

Major: Music Education

Favorite JWHC Class: Who is our Neighbor?

Favorite Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake



Story, JaclynJaclyn Story

Major: Psychology and Addictions Counseling

Favorite JWHC Class: What is the Good Life? with Dr. Hawkins

Favorite Dessert: Banana Bread




Flynn, Lydia2Lydia Flynn

Major: International Relations

Favorite JWHC Class: I had to answer this earlier and it was so hard to decide–so this time I’m picking Dr. Toland’s Wisdom, Culture, and Justice I (World Civ JWHC style)

Favorite Dessert: Black Forest cherry cake with vanilla ice cream



Weaver, Mary-Madison2Mary-Madison Weaver

Major: Nursing

Favorite JWHC Class: I cannot decide!

Favorite Dessert: Peanut Butter Cup ice cream



Eber, Brooke2Brooke Eber

Major: Youth Ministries

Favorite JWHC Class: What is Truth?

Favorite Dessert: Strawberry Cheesecake



Dani and Tyler – Version 2

Dani George

Major: Psychology

Favorite JWHC Class: Rhetoric and the Sacramental Imagination with Dr. Bressler

Favorite Dessert: Ice cream!!



Stout, Emily2Emily Stout

Major: Psychology and Pre-Occupational Therapy

Favorite JWHC Class: Rhetoric and the Sacramental Imagination

Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake




Ryan KoehlingerKoehlinger, Ryan

Major: Business Administration

Favorite JWHC Class: Dr. Bressler’s Rhetoric and the Sacramental Imagination

Favorite Dessert: Steak. Yeah, you read that correctly. Steak.




Communications and Events

Chelsea SchorSchor, Chelsea

Major: Pre-Art Therapy

Favorite JWHC Class: What is Humanity?

Favorite Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake