John Wesley Honors College

JWHC Beginning of the Semester Announcements for Spring 2014

17th Hour Petitions Due January 17

JWHC students are permitted to register for 17 hours in 4 semesters without additional charge. If you need a 17th hour exemption this semester, please complete this  petition and bring it to the JWHC office (Goodman 203). Hard copies of the form are also available in the office. Forms must be turned in by Friday, January 17.

First Honors Forum Classes

Students in HNR 104: Your class will begin at its scheduled time during the second week of classes.

Students in HNR 200: A brief introduction to HNR 200 will be given this Friday, January 10, at 4:00 pm in Goodman 201. If you are unable to make this time, please email Sara Scheunemann to receive a copy of your syllabus.

First HNR 225 (LLLC) Classes

Please stay tuned for an announcement about the beginning of the LLLC. Class will not meet during the first week.

HNR 497 and 498 Registration

If you are planning to take HNR 497 and 498 and did not receive an email from Sara Scheunemann about the registration process, please let her know ASAP. Your forms are due to the JWHC office by Friday, January 10.

HNR 499

Are you presenting your Honors Scholarship Project this semester? Your schedule should include HNR 499. Add the course if needed, and please watch for an email sometime next week with details about presenting. If you plan to present off-campus (as well as on-campus), select the 1 credit option. Otherwise, take the 0 credit option.


If you have questions about these things or anything else, please contact Sara Scheunemann or stop by the JWHC office in Goodman 203 when we re-open on Wednesday.

The Lord bless and keep you! We hope and pray your semester is an excellent one of learning and growing in Christ!