John Wesley Honors College

Interprofessional Education Seminar (IPE)


Are you looking for an opportunity to learn more about health care related work and also bring your own expertise to the subject?

I am Leah Moore, a senior IWU student that is helping Dr. Ihrke, the Dean of Nursing, in planning of an event on campus. It will be April 10, 2014 from 1-5pm in the Barnes Student Center Banquet Hall. This will be the 3rd annual Interprofessional Education (IPE) Seminar.

This year’s focus is on how our different professions, or “roles”, can work together best in the health care setting. Any traditional or graduate student that has even the slightest interest in health care related work should come! This includes Christian Ministry majors with an interest in chaplaincy, athletic training majors, pre-med, pre-dent, psychology, public health, grad counseling, nursing, social work, as well as the new PT & OT students.

Mary E. Dankoski, Ph.D from IUPUI is the potential speaker for this event. Her background is in Behavioral Science and Family Therapy and she is well versed in the topic of IPE. We want to get several student organizations involved in order to both increase awareness and involvement.

I am also working on a role play/simulation that would precede the speaker to stress the importance of this subject. Our goal is to have it accurately represent each profession/major that would be in attendance. I need students that would be willing to help me with this because I come from a nursing background and could not begin to summarize others’ professions.

It is our goal to empower and engage the students in the learning process through this event. We also hope to give them insight into this trending topic.

If you have any questions about the event, or if you are a student interested in helping me with this event please contact me!

Leah Moore