John Wesley Honors College

Introducing the One and Only HCSA Cabinet!

HCSA stands for the Honors College Student Association. As a member of the Honors College, you automatically belong! Additionally, we invite freshmen to serve on the HCSA senate. We would love to have you run for office! Elections for freshman senators take place early in the fall semester.

The HCSA senate—under the leadership of the cabinet and the social, academic, public relations, service, and spiritual life committees—constantly seeks to find ways to improve the Honors College community. The Cabinet has four members: president, vice president, chaplain, and secretary.


Madame President: Melia Sneden

Melia is a double major in Applied Music and History. She is passionate about the Honors College community and enjoys investing in its growth. She says that being part of the Honors College is “the most formative, challenging, hospitable, and wonderful part of my college experience at Indiana Sneden, MeliaWesleyan.” You will have so many opportunities to grow here, but Melia’s advice to new freshmen is to find balance. She says, “It’s so easy to over-concentrate on one aspect of your life and let the other areas suffer. You need to prioritize the parts of your life: if you’re not intentional with your time, it slips away pretty quickly! It’s been a constant learning experience for me, making sure I’m budgeting for time with friends, time with God, and time for resting my mind in addition to my work and homework. They’re all important in terms of holistic growth, but sometimes that’s easy to forget when your schedule gets overwhelming!”

Melia has been learning about God’s amazing, unconditional love. It’s one thing to know how to verbalize a concept, but it’s another to experience it. Despite Melia’s failures and successes, she’s grateful that God loved her before creation simply because he wanted to.

If you want to spend time with Melia, she loves conversations, coffee, reading, crafting, and thrift store shopping. In the future, she’d like to work in a museum while continually investing in the Body of Christ. Her other goals include visiting all fifty states and getting all the hangers in her closet to match.

Vice President: Colin O’Grady

Hello friends! O'Grady, ColinMy name is Colin O’Grady, and I have the privilege of serving as HCSA Vice President for the 2014-2015 year. This will be my third year on HCSA, and it’s been an absolute joy to help further the community within the Honors College.

One of the things I’ve learned so far through my time at IWU is to treat each encounter with another student, faculty, or staff member as a divinely inspired moment. Frequently, I rush around campus and don’t take time to actually converse and “do life” with people because I get so caught up in my own agenda. Everyone is God’s Beloved, so how I interact with others should reflect this fundamental truth.

I am an International Relations major and hope to attend graduate school to study something, perhaps interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution.

Chaplain: Chloe McLaughlin

Chloe adores the Honors College community. She is thankful for the JWHC’s investment in her life, teaching her a great deal about living, learning, and leading. Chloe loves people and is excited to spend the next year investing in others by being the spiritual leader of the JWHC. She is pursuing a career in church music and Christian worship so that she can continue to love people and be involved in the larger Christian community.McLaughlin, Chloe

Recently, Chloe has learned a lot about the joy of the Lord. She spent the last several years in search of balance and happiness; through study and spiritual discipline, she is excited to have found a new kind of joy in everything she does – even homework and paper writing! Each day is an exciting opportunity to pursue God’s great joy and love!

At IWU, you will likely see Chloe all over campus due to her involvement with the Dean of the Chapel’s office as the area chaplain of Reed, Martin, Carmin, and Evans, as well as one of the Chapel worship leaders. Chloe also serves as one of the SGA representatives for the School of Theology and Ministry. Between jobs and homework, she is also often found baking in the kitchen of Beckett with her friends or drinking coffee in McConn. The three main loves Chloe shares about are Jesus, music, and coffee. Through these things, God has opened doors to great friendships for her. If you want to get to know Chloe, these gifts/topics will be your best three options to get her attention! She can’t wait to meet you and get to know your story.

Secretary: Michelle King

The HCSA secretary for 2014-2015 is Michelle King, a junior International Relations and Economics double major. She lives in Hartford City, Indiana, but she wouldn’t say she’s from Indiana. Actually, she’s lived in six different stateKing, Michelles, so she doesn’t know where she’s from. Michelle is also a member of the Lady Wildcat basketball team.

For Michelle, being a part of the JWHC has been one of the most rewarding parts of college. The community and camaraderie amongst the students and professors is genuine and inspiring. The friendships one can develop in the JWHC will last a lifetime, and Michelle wants to help keep that sense of community and friendship growing. Yes, the JWHC is a challenging experience, but being able to do the work for professors who truly care about you as a person while surrounded by some of your best friends makes all of the late nights, papers, and reading questions worthwhile.