John Wesley Honors College

Important Campus Information

It takes a while to figure out life in a new place. We hope the tips and tidbits offered here help you to adjust to life at IWU. (The IWU Portal)

This website a good resource for IWU students. You’ll find links to virtually all departments on campus and a great deal of information about IWU in general. You might consider making this website your homepage, because you’ll likely be visiting it regularly. From the IWU Portal, you can also access:smiling at a laptop

  • My Data Connect: Through this web portal, which appears on the left side of the homepage, you’ll be able to find all kinds of information specific to you, including your class schedule, financial information, grades, pay advices (if you find a job on campus), and much more.
  • Your personal IWU email account appears on the top most right hand corner of the homepage, through which we’ll communicate with you while you’re a student at IWU. You’ll want to check it regularly.
  • Pearson Learning Studio is found in the applications section directly under your email on the home page, the site where faculty will share class syllabi, you can find your grades, and where you’ll likely upload many assignments.
  • The student worker jobs site which is under the Student Services tab, for those of you interested in finding work on campus.

Campus Jobs

Speaking of campus jobs, don’t forget to bring identification to use in completing tax forms. You’ll need a photo ID and your Social Security card or birth certificate. The JWHC office typically hires a few students each year, some in the fall and some in the spring. Watch for announcements by email. Human Resources usually arranges for students interested in campus jobs to complete the necessary paperwork for hiring and the direct deposit of paychecks during the first few weeks of school. But if you need to find their office, it’s located in the Maxwell Center off the main lobby across from the Admissions Office.

Academic Department Location

The JWHC office is in Goodman Hall, Suite 203, on the second floor of the building. You are welcome to drop by during office hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm). Our friendly student workers at the front desk love to see students and are happy to help you with any questions you might have about the JWHC. Other academic departments are located in the following locations:

Art: Beard, first floor
Behavioral Sciences: Elder, third floor
Business: Maxwell, second floor
Center for Life Calling and Leadership: Barnes Student Center, second floor
Communication Arts: Elder, first floor
Education: Goodman, first floor
Health and Human Performance: Recreation and Wellness Center, second floor
Math and Computer Science: Ott Hall of Sciences and Nursing, first floor
Modern Language and Literature: Elder, second floor
Music: PPAC
Natural Sciences: Burns, second and third floors
Nursing: Ott Hall of Sciences and Nursing, fourth floor
School of Theology and Ministry: Noggle, second floor
Social Sciences: Maxwell, second floor

Look up building locations on the IWU campus map.


Looking for a book for class (or IWU-wear)? Visit the Bookstore.

Campus Police and Campus Safety

Campus Police are always available if you need help. They work with the Marion Police Department to keep campus as safe as possible for everyone, but there are some things you can do to increase your personal safety:

  • Don’t prop the exterior doors of your residence hall open.
  • Always lock your room and your car.
  • Keep your keys with you and don’t lend them to others.
  • Report suspicious behavior or incidents to campus police.
  • Don’t walk alone, especially late at night! Campus Police are happy to serve as escorts.

Campus Police can be contacted through any campus phone at ext. 4911 or by calling 765-677-4911 from your cell phone. Program the number into your phone now in case of emergency or in the case that you leave your lights on and need your car to be jump started.