John Wesley Honors College

God’s Choice


by Janice Murray, John Wesley Scholar, Class of 2016

was working on homework the other night when I actually read the pop-up window that accompanies PDFs every time you download one from the internet. It begins “You have chosen to open…” and for some reason, the word chosen hit me with incredible force. I hadn’t thought much about opening that document, hadn’t even really classified it as a choice.

How often do we make choices without evaluating them, deciding how to handle a situation without a second thought?

I think we often forget that God doesn’t have this proclivity. He is careful and intentional about his decisions, which means that his decisions carry a lot of weight.

In light of that weight, ponder John 15:16a for a moment:

“You did not choose me, but I [Jesus] chose you…”

Don’t jump into theology of election now. Just feel for a moment this reality. You probably know it intellectually—have maybe heard this truth more times than you can count—so stop reading with your brain and feel.

You know the areas in your life you would never want to share or expose to anyone because the person might not like you as much anymore?

God has been aware of all of them since before time began, and yet he chose you.

The times you messed up yesterday and today and will probably mess up tomorrow? He still enjoys spending time with you.

The parts of your face or body or brain that you wish you could change?

Those didn’t stop him from choosing you, either.

Feel this truth emotionally more than you think about it: Someone, the Ultimate Someone, carefully, thoughtfully, intentionally chose you.



(Disclaimer: I am not advocating Christianity based simply on feelings and emotions. However, especially as Honors College students, we often receive facts through our heads and not our hearts. This fact needs to be received in both places!)

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