John Wesley Honors College

Fall 2013 Alumni Newsletter

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15 Years Strong!

Dear JWHC Alumni,

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the inception of John Wesley Honors College at Indiana Wesleyan University! While many things have changed throughout the years (you may not recognize the curriculum, for example!), the Honors College is still dedicated to being a Christ-centered community of liberal learning, established to model and enrich Indiana Wesleyan’s pursuit of excellence in scholarship, character formation, and servant leadership.

At our anniversary celebration, held during Homecoming 2013, old friends, professors, and current students joined together to share memories and find encouragement in the ways God has shaped and blessed the JWHC, complete with a slideshow displaying moments of learning together and enjoying life in community at the old Epworth House (yes, there is a new Epworth House), through the Trilogy Plays, and at Honors College Student Association activities. (You may be pleased to know that there was even a slide dedicated to the evolution of Dr. Riggs’ hair! J)

While at the dinner, we heard from various alumni, the current HCSA president Melia Sneden, and Dr. Riggs about the growth and transformation of the Honors College in its fifteen year history. As a current John Wesley Scholar, I found it amazing to hear how faithful God has been to the Honors College community. You could sense our shared bond as students, faculty, and alumni, whether friends or strangers, as well as our commitment to a life of learning for the glory of God and the good of all those whose lives God has linked with ours.

It is our hope that you, our alumni, will continue to feel that you are a vital part of the JWHC community through connections made by this newsletter, book discussions (see page 2), events (page 7), and more, despite the years and miles that separate us. We pray that the joy of Christ is alive within you this Advent season!

From a future fellow alumna,
Katherine Fitch, Class of 2015

Click here for a PDF of the full newsletter: Alumni Newsletter Advent ’13

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